Autumn Skincare Tips

Just like that, we’re into autumn. We did have some sun this year, but it never really feels like enough, does it? At least we will soon be able to wear our favourite jackets and coats again, kick through crunchy leaves, and bathe in that incomparable autumn evening golden light.

As we change our clothing to suit the climate, we should also be altering our skincare routines. Without the help of a specialist, this may seem like a tricky task, especially if you have found something over summer that has been working well for you.

To prevent you from getting stressed about this adjustment, we have put together some general advice that should keep you looking fresh. Whilst this information will be helpful, it is not perfectly tailored to your needs. Therefore, if you struggle with your skin, we would still advise coming in to see one of our skincare experts.


The warmer weather in summer often leads to more oily skin, but as we move into autumn the cooler days and biting wind may result in drier skin. Therefore, you need to make sure to moisturise properly!

Our first, and perhaps most obvious, tip is to move to a heavier moisturiser. We offer Intensive Moisture Balance that protects the skin from environmental damage, such as a strong wind, whilst keeping it hydrated.

It’s not just the outdoors that can negatively affect your skin during these cooler months, central heating can dry you out too. If you are spending your days indoors, you can give your skin a helping hand by using a quality moisturiser such as Skin Smoothing Cream.

If you feel that you are moisturising enough and are still having problems with your skin, it may be time to book in for a facial. We offer a broad range of standard and advanced facials. Our specialists tailor your treatment to your exact needs, taking time to discuss your main concerns and problem areas.

For best results when moisturising, you should first exfoliate. This gets rid of any dead skin sitting on the surface, allowing the moisturiser to penetrate the skin more effectively. A good option for a facial exfoliator is Dermalogica®’s Daily Microfoliant, and their Thermafoliant is a fantastic full body scrub.


Chapped lips are SO irritating, and SO common in colder weather. Whilst petroleum jelly can feel like it is helping to keep your lips moist, it’s basically just sitting on their surface. Instead, we strongly recommend products that actually sink into the skin, providing moisture, rather than just attempting to retain it.

Using Renewal Lip Complex as needed restores delicate tissue, minimises contour lines and helps to prevent the signs of ageing, all whilst moisturising effectively. For lips in need of extra care, Nightly Lip Treatment is an easy way to recapture moisture, and smooth fine lines around the mouth.


Being exposed to the elements also takes a toll on your hands. The fresh autumn temperature prevents them from producing as much natural oil and the brisk wind and chill can dry them out. Make sure not to neglect them! We recommend a heavier moisturiser than the one that you use on your face.

You can also keep your hands beautiful with our simple Maintenance Manicure (without polish), or for something a bit more special, you could opt for a GELeration File and Polish or GELeration Manicure. Make sure that if you have previously had gel nails applied you remove them properly with our GELeration Removal. Removing your gels yourself can damage your nails, and is just not worth it!

Final Tips

We have a few more simple tips to help with your autumn skincare routine…

  • Drink water – Aim for at least two litres per day
  • SPF – Though the sun may be hiding, it’s still there! Make sure to keep applying sunscreen, or skincare products with SPF (such Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 or Prisma Protect SPF30)
  • Wash in cooler water – A hot shower or bath may feel great after you’ve been chilly all day, but the hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils and even break blood vessels, making your skin red.

Get In Touch

If you are struggling with your autumn skincare routine and could use the help of a specialist, you can book in for a facial or advanced facial on our website today!

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