Seasons Change: Our Top Tips For Healthy Spring Skin

There’s no denying that winter has felt like a long old slog this year. But, with the year’s coldest month finally reaching its official end on the 20th March, we can start to look forward to warmer weather and sunnier skies from hereon in.

As the seasons change, it’s important to make sure that we’re looking after our skin’s health. Over winter, our body’s largest organ has been kept on its toes by, amongst other things, bracing winds, low temperatures and the moisture-sapping side effects of central heating, making it more vulnerable to dryness, flakiness and a plethora of other seasonal issues.

With the arrival of spring, our skin has the chance to undergo a full-on revitalisation and experience a return to a healthier condition, but how is this best achieved? Read on for our top tips for healthy spring skin.


As we tend to stay wrapped up during the winter, there’s a good chance that there’s a three-month-long buildup of dead skin cells and environmental debris sitting on top of fresher layers of skin. Scrub away what’s leftover by making sure that you exfoliate at least once a week throughout the spring. When it comes to exfoliation, it’s also important to select a product that’s right for you. There’s a fantastic range out there, including scrubs, AHA exfoliants, home peels and gentle daily brighteners, and they’re all geared up to suit a number of individual skin needs and sensitivities.

Switch up your skincare products

During the milder and hotter temperatures, most of us will abandon the warmth of our winter clothes for something much more weather-appropriate. So it makes sense that this change in clothing choices is matched by switching up the products we put onto our skin. Swapping the thicker moisturiser that got you through winter for something much lighter is a must. This will allow your skin to remain hydrated and give it more space to breathe as things begin to warm up.

Protect yourself from sun damage

Whilst we’re not exactly famed for our tropical climate, especially during the start of the year, an improvement in the weather can set the stage for the increased prominence of the sun in our less-cloud-filled skies. And though it’s recommended to use an SPF throughout the year to ensure adequate protection from the sun, and UVA in particular, you’ll need to up the strength of this product to effectively combat the gradual re-emergence of stronger sunlight. By taking active steps to ward off the effects of sun damage, you’ll achieve dazzling skin that won’t come to harm under the harsh glare of the sun’s rays.

Healthy eating habits

Whilst sticking to a healthy, balanced diet isn’t a solely spring-centric requirement, taking in the right sorts of fruits and vegetables during the season of vibrancy and regrowth can help your skin to achieve that much-desired new beginning. Adding carrots to your eating habits can aid your skin’s natural renewal processes and protect against sun damage whilst avocados are also a known ally in the fight against UV radiation. Strawberries, brimming with antioxidants, can also provide our collagen supplies with an essential boost and reduce the chances of unsightly breakouts.

Take advantage of our exclusive spring offers

At k:SPA, we’re all too aware of the problems our skin can suffer from throughout the winter. That’s why, throughout March, we’re offering all of our clients a free 20-minute back massage with the booking of one of our Signature 60-minute Facials. As a treatment that takes all of your individual skincare needs into account, these facials are built around you and offer the perfect chance for your skin to undergo that all-important spring clean. And the back massage? That’s just an added bonus, really!

As if this wasn’t enough, we’re also offering 10% of all Dermalogica products from 26th-31st March, giving you the chance to start the season off with a gorgeous and radiant glow.

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This spring, we’re dedicating ourselves to helping our clients achieve brighter, firmer and tighter skin to celebrate the start of the new season. To find out more, or to book in with us, visit our website or call 01489 880 497 today.