Our most popular skin treatment; more than just a facial this is the ultimate custom designed, results driven experience.

Bio-Penta facials feature 5 different advanced technologies to effectively address even the most challenging skin conditions. From microsonic deep cleansing, to superior controlled exfoliation with hydrodermabrasion, we will take your skin to its highest level of clean, clear and smooth. Couple this with the power of our specialised microcurrent and ultrasound application that infuse active ingredients for instant hydration. It doesn’t stop there, we also utilise the Red, Blue and combination LED light therapy to refine pores, banish bacteria and boost overall skin renewal and regeneration. Your skin will look radiant and refreshed, with that all important healthy glow!

Your Bio-Penta facial will be bespoke and designed to your skin’s specific needs following a consultation with your qualified skin expert.

Bio-Penta Taster 30mins    – £60.00
Bio-Penta 60mins                – £105.00
Bio-Penta Ultimate 90mins – £150.00

To give you an example of the types of treatments we offer see below:

Bio-Penta Taster 30mins – A fantastic introduction to the Bio-Penta skin care services, perfect if time is an issue or if you just want to focus on one element. Our skin smoothing hydrodermabrasion will help to resurface and brighten your skin and is the next generation in microdermabrasion technology.

Age Management Facial 60mins – Designed to correct and minimise multiple signs of skin ageing. This treatment is packed with skin nourishing nutrients like vitamins, plant based collagen and elastin, and peptides to repair and reveal smoother, more luminous skin. Photo damage and rough texture are eradicated with hydrodermabrasion and fine lines/wrinkles are softened using the highly advanced and renewing power of red light LED.

Clearing Facial 60mins – Stop breakouts and blemishes in their tracks with this clarifying, purifying and oil regulating treatment. Key active ingredients like salicylic acid and niacinamide help prevent and speed up blemish clearing, while repairing peptides and vitamin C soothe inflammation and avert post acne scarring. Safe and effective extractions are incorporated into this service together with smoothing hydrodermabrasion, and blue light LED to help control early breakout formation. If you desire clean, clear skin and to face the world with true confidence, this treatment is for you!

Hydrating Facial 60mins – Everyone needs hydration! This service is ideal for travel weary, climate related or diet induced dehydrated, dry, parched skin. This facial helps clear away dead, flaky, dulling skin debris with hydrodermabrasion and is chock full of moisture binding hyaluronic acid. Advanced product application with microcurrent and super age fighting red light LED finish the lineup. The result? Softened lines and plump, dewy, flawless skin.

Brightening Facial 60mins – Achieving even skin tone is one of the top concerns for all skin types. Factors like post acne spots, hormonal fluctuations, genes, UV light, pollution, even light from mobile devices all increase the risk of hyperpigmentation on the skin. Help is here! Our multi-level hydrodermabrasion and layered approach together with LED is specifically designed to eradicate stubborn pigmentation and dark spots. This treatment infuses key ingredients to help brighten and lift dark spots, whilst helping to prevent future dark spots. Say hello to bright, even tones, luminous skin!

Bio-Penta Ultimate 90mins – This exclusive celebrity favourite ensures your skin is wedding, special occasion, or red carpet ready. It is quite literally like a line smoothing, skin firming filter for your face. Following our Age Management steps with microsonic cleansing, hydrodermabrasion smoothing, and LED pore perfecting, this treatment layers in key additions to plump, smooth and hydrate to achieve supreme skin vibrancy. It also features our specialised microcurrent toning application to improve facial contours by energising, lifting and firming the skin. The treatment is called the Ultimate for a reason, there is no better solution for achieving visible results.