Senior Therapist
Brief info

Why did you choose the beauty profession?
I’ve always wanted to be a beauty therapist ever since I was a little girl, I enjoy getting to know new people, but for me seeing the before and after transformations is the best part.

How long have you worked for k:SPA?
I have been working at k:SPA for 7 years now! I started working part time in the summer of 2015 as a Saturday girl before starting my two year apprenticeship and became a fully qualified beauty therapist in 2017.

How would you describe k:SPA?
Welcoming and friendly, a great place for people to relax and unwind.

How would your clients describe you?
A sweet, lovely girl who's a bit of a chatter box at times

What is your favourite treatment?
I really enjoy waxing! i find it so fun and satisfying to do, also Micro and pro- Nano needling treatments are my second favourite.

What is your favourite Dermalogica product?
Probably the bio lumin c products- they smell amazing and give me a lovely glow.

What is your favourite pampering product?
The Lana eye masks- they heat up and are perfect for tired eyes

What is your favourite time of the day?

What’s your favourite colour?
Definitely a pink girl!

What’s your favourite food?
Can't go wrong with chicken fajitas!

How do you spend your time off?
Normally down the pub with friends or just chilling watching a tv series.

What would you do if you didn’t have to go to work?
Probably traveling the world.