Treatments For Light Scars

If you have been left with light scarring, perhaps as a result of teenage acne, or you are fed up with the dark, pigmented areas on your face and body, it may be time to visit our Fareham Skin Clinic for help.

We offer a range of treatments designed to reduce the appearance of light scarring to give you brighter, smoother and clearer skin. 

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acne treatments at k:SPA in Solent Business Park, Fareham

Will My Acne Scars Fade Or Disappear?

Firstly, it's important to understand the difference between acne marks and acne scars. 

Acne marks tend to be flat and either brown or red.  Acne scars are usually raised or indented and can appear worse as you age due to the natural reduction in collagen and elastin in the skin. 

Acne marks are the easiest to treat.  This hyperpigmentation may fade naturally after a few months as the skin heals. Acne scars will require a course of treatments to improve the texture of the skin.


What Causes Acne & Acne Scarring?

Changes in hormone levels are the most common cause of acne - particularly during puberty.  These hormonal changes can cause the grease-producing glands next to the hair follicles in the skin to produce abnormal amounts of sebum.  

The increased sebum levels can cause the skin bacterium P.acnes to become aggressive, causing the inflammation and pus most associated with acne.

Another side effect of hormonal changes is a thickening of the inner lining of the hair follicle which can cause pores to become blocked.  

Acne Treatments at Best Skin Clinic in Fareham, Hampshire
acne treatments at k:SPA in Fareham

What Are The Best Treatments For Light Scars?

Effective treatments for light to moderate scarring include:

  • LED Light Therapy
  • Microneedling
  • Chemical peeling
  • Dermabrasion or Microdermabrasion.

Scar Treatments At k:SPA Skin Clinic In Fareham

Below are some of our most effective treatments for acne scars. We may recommend a combination of treatments for best results.  

Dermalogica Pro Power Peels resurface and smooth the skin to improve uneven tone and pigmentation.
LED Light Therapy using red, blue, and combination light refines pores, banishes bacteria and boosts skin renewal and regeneration.
Microneedling evens out acne scars and uneven skin tone.
Hydrodermabrasion combines micro-sonic deep cleansing with wet and dry microdermabrasion exfoliation for smoother, clearer skin. 

acne treatments at k:SPA in Solent Business Park, Fareham

Why You Should Choose Our Fareham Skin Clinic For Your Facial

Our highly trained skin therapists will tailor every treatment to you and your skin concerns, conditions, and needs. 

We will always listen to you and take the time to discuss your treatment plan to ensure you get the best possible results.  

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please either call the salon on 01489 880 497 or book online.