Advanced Facial

One of our favourite treatments is the Bio-Penta Advanced Facial. It. Is. Amazing! The main reason that we love it is because of how pleased our clients always are with the results… And of course how great our skin looked and felt when we tried it for ourselves - only for research purposes of course!

This blog will take you through each step of this facial, AND we have an early Christmas gift for you! Read on to find out more!

A Five Feature Approach

Step 1 - Microsonic Deep Cleaning

The Bio-Penta Advanced Facial starts with Microsonic Deep Cleaning. This removes dirt, oil and dead skin, leaving your skin beautifully fresh. It basically gives us a totally blank canvas to work on. The ideal preparation for step two.

Step 2 - Hydrodermabrasion

Hydrodermabrasion is a kind of deep exfoliation, often thought of as the key to celebrity facials! This means an even deeper clean, and results in clear and smooth skin.

Step 3 - Microcurrent

Now it’s time to hydrate, tone and lift! Tiny electrical currents help the skin to absorb the products, resulting in instant, intense hydration. The pulses also ‘train’ the facial muscles, meaning lifted, tightened and firmer skin! It’s a treatment which was first used medically in the 1980s, until top facialists realised the potential as a beauty treatment.

Step 4 - Ultrasound

This step also helps with hydration as the ultrasound allows the skin to take in the nutrients from the products with ease. The impact it has upon the connective tissue fibres results in tighter, more elastic, youthful skin

Step 5 - Red, Blue and combination LED Light Therapy

This final stage brings the whole treatment together. It refines pores, gets rid of bacteria and gives a nice boost to skin renewal and regeneration. This means that it can actually help minimise acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles by plumping the skin.

An Early Christmas Present

We love love love Christmas, and are already very much in the Christmas spirit! Since it’s a time for giving, we have a nice early treat for you!

All Bio-Penta Facials booked in December will be upgraded, totally free of charge, to a hyaluronic acid mask! This offers superior skin hydration, and will leave you holiday party ready!

Stress-Free Christmas Shopping

Getting the perfect Christmas presents can be so difficult! We all have those people who are a nightmare to buy for. Don’t panic! We have the solution!

Our gift cards are valid for a whole year and can be used for treatments, or to buy any of the hand-selected products that we sell in our shop

If you know someone who is getting a bit stressed by Christmas preparations you could even give them an early treat, allowing them to take advantage of the free Bio-Penta Advanced Facial upgrade.

Get yours today and give the gift of confidence!

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