Prepare Your Feet For Summer

We asked our social media followers what they wanted to read about in our blog and our social media tips, and they voted for ‘how to prep your feet for summer’ – so for this blog we share our foot care secrets and some treatments here at k:SPA that might be of interest.

Firstly we want to take a quick look at what is ‘normal’ for your feet, so that you can address any deeper concerns before focusing on cosmetic changes. Healthy feet are not necessarily perfectly shaped and you know what is normal for you, but new lumps, bumps and pain should be monitored and discussed with an appropriate healthcare professional. There is always naturally occurring hard skin around the heel and big toe - your feet would get rather sore walking around in shoes if not! – but excess hard skin should be addressed. Nails should be slightly paler than your skin colour and have a natural sheen – not shiny, but not matt. They should be clean with no patches of discoloration, and not be thick, splitting, or curled in. Be wary of spending an entire summer in flip flops, as they offer little support, and make sure you wear proper footwear if you head out for a long walk no matter how hot it is.

Regular foot care routines will keep your feet in good shape and why not start with the skincare – use a pumice stone or a pedicure foot file to keep your feet smooth and hard skin under control (very important when wearing summer shoes and sandals!). Follow up with a rich moisturiser to take care of both skin and nails. Then trim, buff and shape your toenails – they are far more likely to be on display during summer months, so why not finish up with a brightly-coloured polish? Shape toes and neaten cuticles the same way you would for your fingernails.

Does that all sound like quite a lot of work? k:SPA offer great range of pedicures using both GELeration and Jessica polishes, so you can sit back and relax whilst someone else takes care of your summer feet! In need of a quick treatment in a lunch hour? Our Maintenance pedicure is just 30 minutes and will take care of your specific needs. If you have more time on your hands why not treat yourself to a 75 minute Deluxe Jessica Zenspa Pedicure – including time spent with your feet in heated booties…!