Skincare Tips For Men

Men are far more aware that they have to look after their skin than they were 20 years ago, and you may even notice

Male Treatment
Male Treatment

your skincare products going missing or being used up a little faster than they used to! But how does men’s skin differ from women’s, and do they need to take a different approach to skincare?


Some men may say they have a ‘thicker skin’ than you, and for once they would actually be right! Men’s skin is on average 25% thicker than a woman’s, thins more gradually during their life and has a higher collagen density. This is why men generally age better than women, as collagen helps to keep the skin surface plumped up and wrinkle free, and thicker skin stops wrinkles showing up so much – here at k:SPA we think those attributes are rather wasted on men, but never mind! The menopause also radically accelerates the thinning of a women’s skin and the reduction in collagen levels for several years, whereas men tend to age more gradually (although possibly not gracefully…).

Finally, men generally have a naturally better hydrated skin than women, as they sweat around twice as much and that sweat contains higher levels of lactic acid, which is a substance that promotes the retention of water. This explains why men who do not subscribe to any kind of skincare regime still don’t always have really dry flaky skin and enormous wrinkles.

But men do need to look after their skin, particularly if they are exposed to the sun or cold weather during their working day. And although they may not age as quickly or dramatically as women can, they still do age. So we would advise any chap that cares how his face ages and wants to look good after the age of 40 to get in touch – here at k:SPA we can help you to tailor a skincare programme that works for you and your skin. There are specific products made especially for male skin, and they will mean you won’t have to pinch anyone else’s products from the bathrooms cabinet. So please do pop in and see us!