k:SPA Sponsors Whiteley School


Primary school children in Whiteley will benefit from a new partnership formed with a community-minded local business.

Whiteley-based beauty salon k:SPA has announced that the Friends of Whiteley Primary School will be their charity of the year for 2015, helping to assist with fundraising events and awareness between now and 2016.

With 670 pupils in attendance, the school is supported by the dedicated Friends of Whiteley Primary School, who have been helping to buy equipment and resources such as laptops and cookery equipment to enhance the children’s education. They also organise annual events and visits designed to inspire and raise the aspirations of pupils, from drama workshops through to visits from a Symphony Orchestra.

Kelly Shaw, Founder of k:SPA, comments: “It is vital that we can support our local community in the way that we have been supported in the past, and the Friends of Whiteley Primary School do a great many things that enhance the community spirit of the area, bringing together local families."

“We are delighted to be fundraising for a great organisation and hope that our staff and customers will be able to get involved in a practical way to benefit local children’s education."

Shona Barnett, Chair of Friends of Whiteley Primary School, comments: “We are thrilled to be chosen by k:SPA to benefit from their fund-raising activities.  It is very generous of the team at k:SPA to give up their valuable time and resources to benefit the local children ”.

To find out more information about the Friends of Whiteley Primary School, please visit www.whiteleyprimary.co.uk/community/fowps, or for fundraising events taking place at k:SPA, please visit www.diamondcollectivedev.co.uk/mykspa.