Non-Surgical Beauty Treatments

Here at k:SPA, we offer a diverse range of advanced and non-invasive facial treatments, enabling you to enjoy fantastic firm and radiant results for optimum confidence this Summer - without the recovery associated with more intensive cosmetic procedures.

Achieve an Effortlessly Bright, Lifted and Voluminous Appearance this Summer

The team at k:SPA are proud to offer the latest in leading and innovative microcurrent technology with our Non-Surgical Face Lift, sculpting and volumising the skin without surgery through targeted electrical impulse technology with the Bio-Therapeutic Suzuki Sequencing system.

This cutting-edge system stimulates adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the chemical our bodies produce in lower quantities with age, that is responsible for reinvigorating the bodies cell’s to ensure they are working at their optimum level. This stimulation increases blood flow and circulation to the facial muscles, encouraging the production of collagen and elastin, for skin that is firmer, brighter, clearer and more even - with a significant reduction in the visibility of lines and wrinkles.

When combined with beneficial active ingredients and enriching formulations, our microcurrent system furthers the benefit of these pre-treatment products for optimum skin health and real results, visible after just one treatment.

See real difference after just one session with our microcurrent system here at k:SPA for just £55 - and enjoy amplified and maintained results with a series of treatment sessions and our complementary after-care products for only £500.

For a limited time only, join us at k:SPA to claim your exclusive voucher offer - enjoy £10 off a single session with our Non-Surgical Face Lift - or a fantastic £50 off a series of ten treatments until 31st June 2019!

For targeted rejuvenation, enjoy a refreshed, lifted and illuminated appearance with refreshment of the eye area with our Eye Lift - see a reduction in puffiness and the visibility of fine lines and dark circles. A single session can be enjoyed for just £20, and a course of ten is available for only £179.

If your lips feel as though they are in need of moisture and volumisation, our precise Lip Plump treatment volumises and hydrates the lips, restoring the skin and reducing signs of ageing around the mouth. A single session can be enjoyed for just £20, and a course of ten is available for only £174.

Get in Touch to Find out More

Contact our friendly clinic team for more information about our non-surgical aesthetics treatments - and the variety of other revitalisting and bespoke services we offer here at our Whiteley salon - by calling our team on 01489 880497, emailing us at, or visiting us in-salon.