PowerBright TRx At k:SPA

Would you like a brighter, more even complexion?  Are you concerned with brown spots, discolouration and uneven skin tone?  These are all signs2864 PowerBright Eblast of hyperpigmentation, which can add up to 12 years to a person's perceived age.  In fact, what we see on the surface is only a small percentage of the damage that lies beneath.  Left untreated, the latter rises to the surface as we age, becoming more visible to the naked eye.

Don't worry as the new PowerBright TRx system has come to the rescue.  A concise range of three leave-on products, PowerBright TRx is the product of several years of research on skin brightening by the skin health experts at Dermalogica.  When integrated into any Dermalogica regimen, these silky-smooth, peptide-rich formulas work around the clock to control and prevent hyperpigmentation for your brightest, most even skin tone ever.

Come and visit us at k:SPA throughout March and try these amazing new products for yourself.  We will also have our UV Skin Scanner available so you can see if you have any underlying sun damage that is not yet visible to the naked eye.  We will then prescribe the products that will help stop that damage from appearing on your skin. Call 01489 880 497 to book your Complimentary 20min FaceMap including the UV Skin Scanner.

Purchase the new PowerBright TRx Treatment Kit + 1 other Dermalogica Product during March and you will receive a voucher for a FREE MicroZone Facial worth £20