Pregnancy Massage

Bespoke Pregnancy Massages with k:SPA

Pregnancy is rightfully viewed as one of life’s little wonders. As a joyous moment to be celebrated, the sensation of being with child is very often beyond comparison. And throughout this incredible period, there’s so much to think about: getting baby’s room ready, filling out their wardrobe, making lists of potential names. Not to mention attending those exciting scans, deciding whether or not to find out the baby’s gender and sharing such wonderful news with both friends and family alike.

But, alongside making preparations for such an enriching and monumental life change, the run-up to bringing a new life into the world can sometimes hit a few stumbling blocks.

It’s not all plain sailing

It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to encounter their fair share of painful and uncomfortable side effects. Physically, this discomfort can include things such as hip and back pain, sickness, aching limbs and frequent breathlessness. These symptoms can, of course, vary from person to person, but will normally have some sort of impact on the formerly straightforward routine of everyday living. Simple tasks become gradually more difficult to complete due to these newfound restrictions in ability. All things considered, pregnancy can sometimes be anything but plain sailing!

How k:SPA can help

In between the home remedies of hot baths, pregnancy pillows and just simply taking it easy, at k:SPA we offer a series of bespoke pregnancy massages to help make prospective mums as comfortable as they can be during this precious yet tricky time. These treatments can all be indulged in from after the 12-week mark and are as follows:

Pregnancy Foot and Leg Massage: The inevitable increase in weight that comes with pregnancy has a noticeable impact on the comfort and condition of our legs and feet. Tasked with withstanding this change in pressure, these lower body parts can begin to ache and swell. Our soothing and luxurious Pregnancy Foot and Leg Massage can take the sting out of this irritating pain and introduce some relief to these delicate body parts.

Pregnancy Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage: Pregnancy weight gain also places pressure on our neck, back and shoulders, causing these areas a significant amount of pain and distress. Our Pregnancy Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage seeks to tackle these problems in only the gentlest of ways. As a massage that can be adapted depending on pregnancy stage and individual needs, this treatment option is well-known for its ability to calm and relax. The perfect tonic for the alleviation of pain!

The “Truly Bumptious” Massage: A k:SPA favourite, the “Truly Bumptious” Massage is a calming treatment designed to target all of pregnancy’s most pressing pain points. Taking the back, legs, arms and scalp as its focus, this relaxing massage can help reduce tension and combat pain and discomfort across these key areas. Our therapists can also tailor this treatment to each and every stage of pregnancy.

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Our bespoke pregnancy massages have helped many mums-to-be restore some harmony and consistency to their lives. At k:SPA, our philosophy of seeing everybody as an individual and creating treatments tailored to specific health needs and concerns shines through in everything we do, but never more prominently than in our pregnancy treatments.

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