Pro Bright Facials

Pro Bright Facials: The Ultimate Face Care Treatment For Every Special Occasion

We want to tell a story this spring. We want to recount endless memorable occasions: big birthday parties, amazing concerts, proud graduations and tender family gatherings. Whether the birthday queen cuts her cake for hundreds of friends and acquaintances or for a select group of family and friends, it has to be a day of smiles. 

Why not enhance your glowing grin with a radiant complexion? Pro Bright facials are the ultimate face care treatment for every celebration.

How A Pro Bright Facial Works

A Pro Bright facial starts with a brightening peel, which exfoliates any dead cells and erases oil and dirt, leaving you with smooth and fresh skin that you will soon be showing off to your nearest and dearest.

At k:SPA, we then follow it with an electric fusion of professional-grade niacinamide, hexylresorcinol and vitamin C. Every ingredient has its own contribution to make to your face care: niacinamide reduces inflammation and minimises the appearance of pores, and the compound hexylresorcinol offers antioxidant protection. Yet it is the vitamin C you absorb during the process that is the undisputed star here. It smoothes away fine lines and stimulates collagen production to rejuvenate your features, as well as being an effective antioxidant. Dark spots and hyperpigmentation will also fade and your natural glow will be brought to the surface in time for your special celebration.

Why You Should Include Pro Bright In Your Pre-Event Face Care

A Pro Bright facial is the ideal face care treatment as it accomplishes incredible brightening and moisturising results within a series of fast, high intensity treatments. You will see a difference after just one 60-minute session, although we advise taking a longer course to make the most of this treatment’s potential. Bring your timeframe to us and we’ll discuss it during your consultation, where we will design a superb face care plan to suit you. 

The k:SPA Offer 

There’s one new k:SPA offer that’s begging to be part of your face care plan. Not only are our Pro Bright facials an opportunity to be pampered in our relaxing salon environment, we are now offering them alongside a daily brightening skin care kit to take away with you, giving you up to 3 weeks worth of product to enhance the effects of your facial at home! 

Our Daily Brightness Boosters Skin Kit comprises a glycolic cleanser, a biolumin-c serum and a biolumin-c gel moisturiser, so no matter what happens, you will look gorgeous. And all for the Pro Bright 60 Focus package price of £130, saving you almost £30!

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