Autumn Glow

In between the cold creeping in and temperatures turning bitter, autumn has started to establish itself over the last few weeks, with the season’s adverse conditions sure to be nothing less than a sign of things to come as 2020 moves closer to its end.

At k:SPA, we recognise that these changes to the weather are far from ideal and can cause the skin all sorts of problems, from the appearance of seasonal blemishes to the triggering of such common conditions as eczema and rosacea.

We’re also well aware that the harsh light of autumn has forced many people to come face to face with uneven skin tone and confront the pigmentation issues that have arisen from spending too much time in the sun and a host of other environmental factors. Yet, fear not!

To help in such matters, we’re proud to announce the launch of a brand new clinical treatment for those struggling to manage inconsistent skin colouration and dull, moisture-sapped complexions as the season kicks into gear.

Introducing Pro Bright, from Dermalogica!


What is Pro Bright?

Pro Bright is a revolutionary, three-step facial system that has been designed to address problems with an uneven tone, eliminate the signs of ageing and boost the brightness of the skin. As a treatment programme created by the experts at Dermalogica, Pro Bright uses a selection of premium-strength products to target areas of hyperpigmentation (age spots, liver spots, irregular brown patches and other assorted pigment changes) and reduce the impact that both age and the environment can have on our skin.


What can I expect from this treatment?

As we understand that everyone’s skin is different, we will always strive to tailor your Pro Bright procedure around your individual needs. That said, we tend to remain as faithful as we can to Pro Bright’s recommended treatment plan.

To start, an UltraBright Peel is applied to the skin to strip away any dead skin cells that may be contributing to the appearance of hyperpigmentation. As this peel is lactic acid-based, it has an instant brightening and hydrating effect on the skin and will leave it open to the full absorption of Vitamin C.

After this, Ultra-stable Vitamin C is added to the face in the form of BioLumin-C PRO Serum, a product that has been clinically proven to deliver 3x more Vitamin C to the skin than other leading brands. The effectiveness of this is increased with the help of electric infusion.

The treatment is then brought to an end with a Cooling Contour Masque, which is a calcium sulfate and algae-derived mask that works to firm, lift and contour the face.


What’s the significance of Vitamin C?

Over the years, Vitamin C has emerged as a key ingredient for use in any skincare product due to its ability to support our natural wound-healing processes, stimulate the production of collagen (a crucial protein in the maintenance of supple, youthful skin) and eliminate illness-causing free radicals from the body.

Vitamin C assumes even more of an importance in the colder months as it can help strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, reduce inflammation linked to things such as acne and eczema and illuminate a gloomy complexion by locking in some much-needed moisture.

In terms of hyperpigmentation, Vitamin C is known for its potential to produce a protein known as tyrosinase. This natural enzyme minimises the body’s production of melanin, an excess of which can lead to all manner of changes to our skin’s appearance and tone.

Autumn offers

Pro Bright is a 30-minute treatment costing £75 and we would advise a course of three treatments, spaced two weeks apart, to achieve the best outcome. We’re currently offering a full, three-session treatment plan for the special price of £210. This also includes a free gift, guaranteed to enhance results, whilst stocks last of course!

For the ultimate in autumn skin rejuvenation, you can also book in for our exclusive Pro Bright and bt-titan MN microneedling skin plan. This consists of three of each treatment and comes with a fantastic gift worth £40!

As always, make sure that you visit our online shop to take advantage of a stunning range of top-of-the-range beauty products, including the Vitamin C-based likes of Dermalogica’s BioLumin-C Serum and BioLumin-C Eye Serum.

You can book in for your Pro Bright procedure by visiting our website or contacting us at 01489 880 497 today.