New Pro Facial

Rejuvenate Your Complexion With Our New Pro Facial

Our new k:SPA facial promises to rejuvenate your complexion using the newest technologies and custom skincare solutions to produce youthful and luminous skin!

A Tailored Solution

The Pro Signature Facial builds on one of our most popular treatments, but it goes much deeper in its quest to address your individual skin concerns. 

We begin with a consultation to discuss your skin goals and medical history, storing the information to build a treatment unique to you. Our innovative technologies and diverse array of Dermalogica products are handpicked, with options for brightening, lifting and plumping, acne management and line and wrinkle softening. Watch us tap into our skill, knowledge and experience to create the ideal facial to rejuvenate your skin!

Let’s Get Started

The first stage is to prepare the skin with cleansing, extractions and exfoliation. Some of these might be familiar, such as blackhead extraction or superficial exfoliation, which softens the top layer of skin and stimulates cell turnover. However, the addition of new and innovative devices means that there are always new ways to rejuvenate and purify. 

For instance, we might use an ultrasonic device to cleanse the pores, gently exfoliate the skin, and give you a micro-massage, which aids lymphatic flow and improves circulation. This treatment makes a difference to an incredible number of concerns by reducing swelling, softening wrinkles and paving the way for the next step!

Going Deeper To Rejuvenate Your Skin

Our new aesthetics techniques seem almost futuristic, capturing the powers of light, ultrasound and electricity to accomplish amazing results.

For example, we can perform a full non-surgical facelift by harnessing small amounts of electricity. Microcurrents mirror the body’s currents, working in harmony with its systems to gently train the muscles beneath the surface. The technique simulates our biological current to re-establish muscle memory. Our facial muscles become physically firmed and toned, winding the clock back by several years in a completely painless process!

We also offer microcurrent to further improve lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, alongside ultrasound to treat puffiness and swelling via high-level wave technology. There are boundless ways to rejuvenate your complexion, from electricity to light – LED light therapy uses various wavelengths to treat acne, wrinkles, sun damage, inflammation and more, subtly improving your skin’s tone and texture. 

These treatments also prepare your skin for products, which get rid of dead cells and interact with the skin barrier to increase its permeability. Now we are ready to apply our magical Dermalogica products for a healthy and sparkling glow!

Booking A Treatment

If there’s one thing this facial tells us, it’s that there’s no such thing as one size fits all! Choose your preferred treatment from the sessions below: 

One 30-minute Pro Signature Facial, from £54

One 60-minute Pro Signature Facial, from £94.50

We recommend a 60-minute session for first-timers or for those who haven’t had a facial in a while, to allow time for a full consultation and a minimum of 45 minutes of hands-on treatment. All subsequent sessions will include maximum hands-on time.

We can’t wait to rejuvenate your complexion! Call 01489 880 497 or email to book a consultation.

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