Autumn Skin Tips 

As 2020 has been one of the most unpredictable years in memory, it may have escaped your notice that the end of this month will bring with it the beginning of autumn. And though this season comes armed with many things that it is impossible to change - the drop in temperature, fewer hours of daylight, the early signs of Christmas - there’s still something that you can control: the effects that autumn can have on your skin. 


With the seasons fading into one another regularly, it’s always been a good idea to adjust your skincare routine to reflect these changes. And nowhere is this more important than when attempting to weather the transition between hot and cold temperatures. So, in honour of the arrival of autumn, we’ve put together our top skincare tips to help you make the most of the new season! 


New skincare products 

Summer may have been all about the use of lighter products, but this approach to skincare just won’t cut it for the coming months. Switch up your routine by using a host of products that can give your skin the moisture it needs to make it through the colder days. This includes the addition of a more moisturising cleanser and a richer, more heavy-duty moisturiser to keep your face from drying out and becoming damaged by the adverse effects of the weather. Hyaluronic acid is a key player here too, so make sure that you add a hydrating booster to your skincare shelf to revitalise a tired, lacklustre and wrinkle-ridden complexion when necessary. 


From now on, you’ll also need to think about exfoliating at least twice a week to ensure that dullness and dehydration don’t become your go-to look for the months ahead and that dead skin cells are properly cleared away to allow for the full absorption of all of the products mentioned above. 

Skincare tips

Stave off the sun 

The sun may no longer be taking pride of place in the sky, but that doesn’t mean its rays still can’t make their presence known on your skin. We’d always advise the use of an SPF all year round to give yourself adequate protection against UV radiation and to reduce the possibility of your skin being subjected to all sorts of unwanted damage. 


Indeed, those of you who have managed to soak up the best of the sun’s rays over the last few months may also benefit from products and treatments to repair any areas of hyperpigmentation or signs of ageing that have been triggered by overexposure to our most famous celestial body. 


For this, we highly recommend Dermalogica’s BioLumin-C Serum. When applied each morning and night, its vitamin-rich formula can eliminate fine lines, awaken the collagen production processes that are essential for healthy, younger-looking skin and lighten parts of the face and neck that have visibly been affected by the sun. 

Skincare tips

Wrap up warm 

Although autumn doesn’t officially begin until the 22nd September, we’re sure you’ll have already encountered a noticeable drop in temperature over the last few weeks. And tempting though it may be to switch on the heating and cosy up to your radiators, this is something that can cause some significant problems. With central heating responsible for leaving skin dry and dehydrated, it’s probably best to turn down the thermostat and throw on a big jumper instead. 


Alternatively, if you really can’t hack it, placing small bowls of water near your radiators will add some moisture back into the air and reduce the chances of your skin becoming congested and overwhelmed. Wherever you are - at home, in the office or on the commute, make sure you drink plenty of water too! 

Don’t neglect the hands and the lips! 

Too often, skincare can show a certain bias towards the face, so make sure you show the rest of your body some love by shifting your focus to places as hardworking as the hands and the lips. Prevent your lips from flaking by applying a nourishing treatment to them on a regular basis - soreness can also be reduced by using products that contain natural oils, butters and waxes. 


It’s also a little known fact that our hands don’t produce natural oil on the same level as other parts of our body, so you can help these bear the brunt of the autumn chill by using a revitalising hand cream. 

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