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Do I Have To Wear Sun Cream?  The Team At k:SPA In Fareham Explain

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Suncream is an important part of a complete sun protection strategy. Too much exposure to UV rays can not only have a damaging impact on the appearance of your skin but can also result in more dangers for your health in general. Although we are constantly told to wear SPF, many still don’t wear it correctly, if at all.

It can be difficult to remember why it’s so important, what products to choose and how to apply them, which is why we have put together some quick tips for protecting your skin over the coming months. 

The Importance Of Wearing Sun Cream

Everyone should prioritise their SPF routine. Too much sun exposure can easily result in premature ageing - wrinkles, sagging skin and sun spots (also known as age spots). Luckily, these concerns can be dealt with through retexturing and brightening treatments. However, the best way to combat these imperfections is to prevent them.

In the UK, almost 9 in 10 cases of melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer, could be prevented by staying safe in the sun. Additionally, getting seriously sunburnt just once every two years can triple your risk of melanoma when compared to never being burnt at all. Staying safe and preventing burns are necessary when it comes to maintaining optimal skin health.

Find The Right Sun Cream For You

There are many different types of sun cream, from mists to creams and oils, but according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the best sunscreen is the one you’re most likely to use consistently. Whatever you choose, you must ensure that it’s a broad spectrum product that protects you from both UBA and UVA rays, and is water resistant (if applicable).

Apply More Sun Cream, More Often

Many people with good intentions simply don’t apply enough product. The perfect amount to use all over your body is about as much as you can fit in a shot glass (roughly 25ml-35ml). You then need at least half a teaspoon of SPF on your face and neck. You should be applying sun cream to the areas of your skin that will be exposed to UV rays, this includes your eyelids, ears and hands too. Aim to reapply every two hours, especially if you’re spending a lot of time outdoors.

Use Sun Cream All Year Round - Come Rain Or Shine

Even when it’s cloudy 80% of UV radiation reaches the Earth. This means your skin is at risk of sun damage whenever you’re outside, so ensuring you always protect your skin is key, no matter the weather.

Sun Cream Alone Is Not Enough

Applying and reapplying sun cream is important, but it’s not enough to protect yourself from the power of the sun’s rays. You should also take steps to combat sun exposure in other ways such as seeking shade where possible, wearing sun-safe clothes and covering up when you can. Wearing wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses is also advised.

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