Winter Skin & Beauty Tips

Fed up of chapped lips, dull looking skin and dry hands look no further k:SPA has the answers for you!  We have made a list of our favourite winter products and tips for you to try at home.

* Jessica Phenomen oil is an all year favourite product for hydrating nails but it is also brilliant for dry areas such as knees and elbows, just a couple of drops- its that easy!

* Dermalogica Stress Relief treatment oil is lovely for the bath, it creates a gorgeous aroma whilst you warm up in the comfort of your own home.

* Perfect for chapped lips - the Dermalogica lip renewal complex , why not try the our Lip Renewal MicroZone treatment to really treat your lips and soothe the chapped skin.

* Barrier Repair can be mixed  with your Dermalogica prescribed face moisturiser creates a barrier from the environment, you only need a pea size!

* Aromatherapy Associates Body Oils are not only great for massaging at home but make a fantastic body moisturiser during winter months for dry, stinging skin.

* Jessica hand cream or the Multi-Vitamin hand cream from Dermalogica are both excellent for dry hands, really nourishing without leaving skin greasy.