NEW – Pigmentation Skin Programme

Embark on a journey to unveil your skin's true potential with our exclusive 3-month skin transformation plans. At k:SPA, we understand that achieving radiant, healthy skin requires a holistic approach.

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k:SPA Pigmentation Programme

Bid farewell to uneven skin tone and pigmentation woes with our Pigmentation Programme. Uncover a brighter, more even complexion as we target and correct hyperpigmentation through a blend of expert treatments and scientifically-backed home care solutions. 

What's Included?

3 x 1 hr bespoke treatments that begin/end the programme. 

This programme includes a 6 week at home product course clinically proven to reduce hyperpigmentation. We ask that you are able to commit to this strict routine at home to ensure best results. 
A complete personalised full size homecare routine  
Unlimited LED sessions when compatible with your treatment programme. Actual treatments will be discussed in your consultation.  

How Much Does the Programme Cost?

Programme value over £1650 
Programme cost: £1270 
Payment can be made in full or three instalments. 

K Spa Skin Consultation

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