As a highly effective way of firming, smoothing and tightening the skin, microneedling or skin needling is an all-bases-covered solution to skin concerns as wide-ranging as wrinkles, scars and uneven tone. During this process, a fine-needled device is moved carefully over the skin in order to inflict small injuries on target areas. This triggers the skin’s natural healing processes, with our supplies of collagen and elastin assuming centre stage to leave us with skin that appears fresher, less blemished and more illuminated. Those who undergo this revitalising procedure will also be able to enjoy the effects of skincare products in a much quicker way, with serums and creams more easily absorbed into the skin in the time after treatment.

The smoothing and brightening results that those who undergo bt-titan® MN treatment can experience are complemented by this procedure’s complete lack of downtime and its minimally-invasive nature. It’s also highly adaptable and can be adjusted to suit the needs, tolerances and skin tone of the individual, making beautiful and luminous skin an easy goal for anyone to achieve.

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